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Introducing Mocana MDP

Mocana MAP Developers' Program dramatically reduces your engineering and
maintenance costs while opening up big new enterprise markets
for your apps, both inside and outside your organization.

Apple iOS / Android
Expand Your Market

Expand Your Market

Deliver security features to enterprise customers, the fastest growing mobile application segment.

Explore Security Features

Explore Security Features

Apply Per-App VPN, Data-At-Rest
Encryption, and Jailbreak Detection
to your apps on the
Mocana MAP Testing Workbench™.

Co-Market with Mocana

Co-Market with Mocana

Participate in on-going PR,
whitepaper, social media, events,
and speaking opportunities.

Sell with Mocana

Sell with Mocana

Be included in Mocana's active
direct sales effort in some of the largest
and regulated industries.

Get Answers, Fast

Get Answers, Fast

Receive on-going support for securing your
application from Mocana's expert support
and crypto engineering teams.

Your Target: The Enterprise App User

Enterprises are rushing to embrace mobility to transform their
business processes. Many organizations see mobile, and mobile app usage
specifically, as a great way to gain competitive advantage, drive productivity
and create operational efficiencies. Enabling mobile apps can even increase
employee morale and job satisfaction, create new revenue streams,
and deliver deeper levels of customer and partner intimacy.

  • The Problem: Complexity

    On-boarding a new app requires
    expensive testing and auditing,
    slowing down production.

  • The Solution: Mocana MAP

    Mocana Map helps you eliminate barriers
    that prevent massive and rapid scaling
    of mobile app deployments.

The Power Behind the Mocana MDP: MAP

Mocana's Mobile App Protection (MAP) allows organizations
to enable their BYOD or enterprise mobility initiatives by automating
application security. MAP is largely invisible to end-users; apps work
as they did before MAP was applied. The result is a Self-Defending App
that provides data protection and IT control for enterprise apps
on both managed and unmanaged devices.

MAP Protected Enterprise App

Using the MAP Testing Workbench

The Mocana MAP Developers' Program lets you test-drive
the MAP technology for free to ensure that MAP works with your app,
and that everything will go smoothly for your biggest customers,
whether inside or outside your organization.

Using the MAP Testing Workbench

The Bottom Line

Test-driving Mocana MAP through the MAP Developers' Program is free
for Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), commercial developers
and internal enterprise development teams.

The Bottom Line

Later, when your app is deployed in production,
enterprise users pay Mocana on a per user basis to secure both
the apps they build internally, as well as the custom apps
they purchase from you, commercial developers or other third parties.

The Bottom Line

Commercial developers that are part of the MAP Developers' Program
are eligible to enter into a Mocana reseller or referral agreement,
and can then offer their customers a significant discount
when they buy MAP from Mocana. Alternatively, they can earn
cash back from Mocana when their customers buy MAP.

Co-Marketing with Mocana MDP

Mocana is the most trusted name in mobile security, and when
developers join the Mocana MDP our brand can help get
the attention and approval of enterprise customers.

Joining Mocana MDP avails your marketing team resources, too.

To learn more about the Mocana MDP, please email:

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