Device Security Framework™

Secures all aspects of device data and enterprise communications, for any connected device.

About Mocana's DSF

Mocana's Device Security Framework is an extensible software framework that secures all aspects of device data and enterprise communications, for any connected device. The Device Security Framework helps applications and device designers reduce development costs and dramatically enhance cryptographic performance. Device Security Framework also applies to Government regulations and many of Mocana's products, such as Mocana DSF for Android, NanoSSH, NanoSSL and NanoSec, feature FIPS validated cryptography.

The Device Security Framework includes device-resident security software as well as security capabilities delivered across the network. The device-resident software is embedded into devices at the time of manufacture and (optionally) interfaces with the operating system, the CPU, any available cryptographic accelerator and provides modular support for different open-standards-based device security protocols.

The Device Security Framework provides a common architecture for all of Mocana's solutions to carry out the following functions:

  • Simplify security API's to allow rapid development
  • Abstract security cryptographic services from OS platform dependencies
  • Embedded certificate-based authentication and validation
  • Secure data & device level authentication, protection and authorization
  • Leverage processor cryptographic services, or trusted key protection storage APIs
  • Support for wired/wireless, including personal area networks
  • Firmware protection and secure updating/verification
  • Advanced connection handling API's
  • GPL free code