Provides all the tools and firmware source code needed to perform pre-boot verification.

About NanoBoot

Mocana NanoBoot provides all the tools and firmware source code you need to perform secure pre-boot verifications on your connected device. NanoBoot uses strong cryptography to validate the BIOS, firmware, and boot loader images. NanoBoot can run in memory-constrained environments (depending on cryptographic configuration), requiring less than 8 KB uncompressed firmware space and less than 2 KB of RAM.

Mocana NanoBoot is comprised of two components: a command line tool, which digitally signs the authorized firmware image, and a small signature verification application that executes during initialization from within a processor's protected flash memory. The NanoBoot application may be a little as 8 KB, and require less than 2 KB of RAM, enabling SoC design. When the device is powered up, NanoBoot verifies the device's signature, thereby ensuring that the device's firmware has not been altered.