Mocana's easy to use, high performance Secure Firmware/Software Update solution.

About NanoUpdate

Device firmware is a lot like an operating system, permanently resident in hardware, that controls the most basic functions of that device. Today, virtually all hardware devices use firmware of one sort or another, from expansion cards, USB adaptors, switches, routers, printers, storage drives, digital cameras, mobile phones and more.

Where once firmware was read-only and fixed, today most firmware can be dynamically updated, giving "old" hardware new features and capabilities. For years, code updates and patches have been automatically delivered and installed on millions of Macs and PCs. But most network-attached devices — if they can be updated at all — still require manual updating, a process that is time consuming, tedious and can actually introduce new security problems into the network.

Introducing NanoUpdate
Mocana's NanoUpdate is an easy to use, high performance secure firmware update solution. Mocana NanoUpdate enables firmware images and other messages to be securely delivered to devices in the field automatically, eliminating the need for insecure manual methods, like email, TFTP, FTP, HTTP, or physical DVDs.

NanoUpdate's command line tool can create a PKCS #7 - digitally signed message. The signed message is placed at a well known URL, which is programmed to check for updates. The signed message is then downloaded, authenticated, verified, de-capsulated, saved and/or acted upon.

Mocana NanoUpdate can be used over sporadic or "lossy" connections. Any signed message (update) downloads that are disrupted during retrieval will cleanly resume without consequence. Mocana NanoUpdate can be used for both wired and wireless mobile applications, over local or remote networks. Deployment of new firmware images with Mocana NanoUpdate is simple, secure and easy to manage.