Security Detail™ Android

Surround yourself with a comprehensive suite of security software, services and expertise to build secure Android Devices.

About Mocana's Security Detail

Native Android Lacks Security
Consumers have embraced Android-based devices for personal use, but this adoption has created a significant rise in malware, security threats, and vulnerabilities – and Android's security threat model is evolving.

Now, enterprises are developing strategies to allow personal Android devices for corporate use. As the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend develops, enterprises are issuing corporate security guidelines, and carriers are developing their own security compliance requirements.

Advanced security features must be built into Android devices, but managing integration, changing threat models, compliance, and internal expertise is a major challenge. Android OEMs need a trusted security partner to help navigate the evolving security needs of the ecosystem.

Mocana's Security Detail™ is a comprehensive security technology program that comprises of security software, professional services, financial protection, breach management, and support tailored for OEMs to build secure Android devices – allowing focus on product design, user experience, and other innovation.