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Device Security Datasheets

Thank you for your interest in Mocana's products! We're pleased to offer our extensive device security framework of security protocols appropriate for use in a variety of embedded device applications. Our easy-to-implement open source alternative SSH, SSL and IPSec products offer a 200 to 400% performance improvement over open source, while their optimized footprints minimize RAM resource utilization in embedded devices. Mocana's accelerated NanoSSH, NanoSSL and NanoSec products are fully compatible with industry standards, and implement the most comprehensive set of IETF RFC specifications available on the market. 

With millions of new electronic devices connecting to the internet every day, hackers are increasingly focused on a new type of target: mobile and embedded systems. Such systems include point-of-sale terminals, wireless routers, smart phones, networked office machines such as printers, and even our electrical grid.
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