Mocana Means Quality Code

How do you know that the security software you're using was built correctly?

There's more to security than just folding in a cryptography library. A lot more. In fact, most vulnerabilities discovered and hacks reported on "secured" software are due to implementation errors, not poor cryptography. There is a surprising amount of cryptographic software out there that's written and maintained by people that don't really understand cryptography. And inexperienced developers often build the "digital equivalent" of a two-foot-thick steel front door… but then hide the key poorly, under the welcome mat.


What you need are assurances that the security code you're buying was built by cryptographic engineers who know what they're doing… and furthermore, you need code that's so well-documented, so easy-to-use, that your own development team can work with it without themselves having to be security experts.

Mocana gives you both.