Mocana Values

Nurture Great Talent

We will help our people be all they can be, they will help us be all we can be.

What This Means:

We will invest in and support our people and expect them to give us all they can - being committed, taking pride in their work and being results oriented. We will help our people become world class leaders, taking complete ownership of their domain, demonstrating initiative and respect.


Solve Meaningful Market Problems

Rules are made to be broken, we will continually challenge status quo staying close to the market and solving meaningful problems for customers.

What This Means:
By being close to our customers we will continually understand their most meaningful problems. Companies will value our products more because they solve meaningful problems. We will continually seek breakthrough ways to solve customer problems, not accepting things the way they are or the way they have always been. We are only at the beginning of the technology revolution, the best is yet to come.

Fail Fast, Succeed Often

We will try many things - fail fast, succeed often - turning the learning(s) into knowledge and focusing on results.

What This Means: 
As an innovator we will be leading the market, continually looking for opportunities where we can be #1 or #2 in markets. We will have failures - it is critical to be disciplined to walk away from failing initiatives and not over invest in them - instead focusing our energy on the successes, of which there will be many. These successes will come by being results oriented, and measuring progress with quantifiable metrics. It also means taking raw learning and structuring it to help create a more knowledgeable team and corporate memory.

Compete to Win, Ethically

We will show the world that small companies can still ethically become big global companies.

What This Means:
We will compete to win in everything we do. The profitable, fast growth opportunities we will be seeking on a global scale, will not be at the expense of creating lasting value and operating with rock solid ethics in everything we do.